The Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse in Calzada de Valdunciel is Joined By Two New Victims

The Salamanca journalist Íñigo Domínguez reveals in El País that Francisco Carreras, who was expelled from Miami, would have abused several generations of children

The newspaper El País publishes new information about the priest Francisco Carreras, who was expelled from the archdiocese of Miami in 1981 after a complaint of sexual abuse and sent back to the province of Salamanca, where he continued to abuse minors for years, according to the same medium, in various destinations and localities.

Thus, the three already known victims have joined, according to the article by the Salamanca journalist Íñigo Domínguez this Tuesday, January 29, two more . Both wanted to report that they suffered abuse when the pastor was in Calzada de Valdunciel, where there was already a third victim who reported the events in December, and that they make a total of five in the Charra province.

These two new people, like the previous ones, assure that there could be dozens of victims, since according to the information gathered by El País through the testimony of one of those affected, we passed through his house several generations of children from town».

The same media, however, clarifies that these two new cases, like the previous ones, would have prescribed, although it is not known if there are more recent victims. In addition, they are responsible for adding a photo of the pastor in the 90s.

Accused of abuse in Miami and Salamanca

El País explains that the priest, after being ordained in Salamanca, was sent to the United States, and already in the archdiocese of Miami he was accused of abuse, which is why he was expelled from the local church and sent back to Salamanca with the warning of the accusations weighing on him.

The testimonies collected by this new article coincide with the previous ones. Both victims, who prefer to remain anonymous, say that Carreras abused all of us in groups of four or five, and we said nothing, who were you going to tell. He had the people abducted, says one of them, who also assures that there would be at least eight more victims.

Another of the new testimonies, as collected by El País , talks about being masturbated and «doing fellatio, putting us bodybuilding documentaries so that we liked men», in addition to explaining that he took advantage of excursions to the regions of Sanabria or Las Batuecas to abuse them even hitting them. For this reason, as he relates, he has needed treatment, since he had monsteroiden psychological problems.

The charro Íñigo Domínguez also collects testimonies that Carreras also put horror films on his victims, such as Poltergeist or El Exorcista when he was eight or ten years old, and that they did sessions of spiritualism in which he summoned demons kaufen boldenone undecylenate in Deutschland and at the same time reached out to us Says one of the victims, who also confirms that she sometimes took photos of them with a Polaroid camera.

The bishopric of Salamanca, which two months after the information from El País has still not given explanations about the case and continues to remain silent. The bishops in this period were Mauro Rubio, deceased; Braulio Rodríguez, today Archbishop of Toledo; and the current one, Carlos López. In 2011, before the first news of complaints from the United States, the bishopric defended his career as «faultless.»